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Organized in 2013 in Luxembourg, the 15th edition of the GSSE will feature eight individual sports and two team sports.
Athletics:Originating from the Greek athlos, meaning combat, Athletics is the art of exceeding the performance of its adversaries in speed or endurance, distance or height. Leisure activity practiced around the world and Olympic sport, Athletics encompasses a range of disciplines: running, jumping, throwing, combined events and walks.
In Luxembourg, Josy Barthel, who won a gold medal at the Helsinki Olympic Games in 1952, embodies the emblematic figure of Athletics.
It is in the Josy Barthel stadium that the Athletics competitions of the GSSE 2013 will take place.

The website of the Athletics Federation Luxembourg: www.fla.lu

Basketball: Probably just as popular as soccer, basketball was invented in 1891 by a Canadian physical education teacher of the College of Springfield, Massachusetts (USA). Seeking to occupy students during the winter - practicing football and baseball was impossible - Basketball was inspired by a Mayan ball game whose rules are similar to those of our modern day basketball, where the aim is to place a ball in a wooden box fixed at a certain height.
Olympic discipline since 1936, Basketball is part of the of the GSSE 2013 program.
Matches will take place at the Coque.

The website of the Basketball Federation Luxembourg: www.flbb.lu

Cycling: Luxembourg is the birthplace of the famous brothers Schleck and home of many famous cyclists. With its miles of bike paths and especially reserved bicycles days, Luxembourg is the country of choice for cycling.
Olympic discipline since 1896, Cessange will hold the road race and the time trial events.
The Mountain Bike competition will be held in turn in Hesperange.

The site of the Cycling Federation Luxembourg: www.fscl.lu

Gymnastics: Founded in 1881, the International Gymnastics Federation is now the oldest international sports federation, headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. Present at the Olympic Games since 1896 (1928 for women), gymnastics comprises seven recognized disciplines: gymnastics for all, Men's Artistic Gymnastics (composed of six events: floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars, horizontal bar), and Women's Artistic (composed of four events: floor, vault, uneven bars, beam), as well as rhythmic gymnastics, aerobics and acrobatic trampoline.
You can discover Artistic Gymnastics at the GSSE 2013 in the brand new sports hall Belair, located just off the Josy Barthel stadium.

The website of the Federation of gymnastics Luxembourg: www.flgym.lu

Judo: Judo has made its appearance as an Olympic discipline in 1964 for men and 1992 for women. Martial art and combat sport of Japanese origin, Judo is essentially throwing techniques and ground control.
Judo can be followed during the 2013 GSSE at the Tramsschap (Limpertsberg district).

The website of the Martial Arts Federation Luxembourg: www.flam.lu

Swimming: Olympic sport since 1896 for men and 1912 for women, swimming is practiced since ancient times. In the wake of rising international sporting events, culminating in the Olympic Games, the International Swimming Federation (FINA) was founded in 1908.
On the occasion of the GSSE 2013, the swimmers will compete in the Coque on the Kirchberg plateau.

The site of the Swimming and Lifesaving Federation Luxembourg: www.flns.lu

Tennis: Tennis is the English adaptation of “Jeu de Paume” and a game called provencal "tenes" ("take" in Provencal), traditionally shouted to one’s opponent before serving. Now considered one of the most prominent sports, the players are established as world stars.
In May 2013, matches will be played on the courts of tennis club Arquebusiers.

The website of the Tennis Federation Luxembourg: www.flt.lu

Table Tennis: Olympic discipline since 1988, table tennis is one of the most popular sports, with over 260 million table tennis players in the world.
The GSSE in 2013 will host competitions at the Coque, on the Kirchberg plateau.

The site of the Table Tennis Federation Luxembourg: www.fltt.lu

Shooting: Including pistol, rifle, skeet and air guns, shooting is the third most common individual sport after golf and tennis. With targets set at distances from 10 to 300 meters, shooting requires precision, calm and concentration. Shooting as an Olympic discipline had its debut in 1896 and will be present at the 2013 GSSE.
Shooting events are to take place at the Tramsschap, while those of trap and double-trap will be held in Differdange.

The site of the Sport Shooting Federation Luxembourg: www.fltas.lu

Volleyball and beach-volleyball: Of American origin, invented to occupy the athletes during the winter, Volleyball was added to the Olympic program in 1964. Derivative of Volleyball, and born on the Californian beaches in the 1920's, Beach Volleyball has been gradually professionalized to finally join the Olympic program in 1996.
During the GSSE 2013, Volleyball and Beach Volleyball matches will be held in and next to the Coque.

The website of the Volleyball and Beach Volleyball Federation Luxembourg: www.flvb.lu