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Games of Small States of Europe
It is not because we are small that we cannot act as grown-ups! Since 1985, the most promising athletes of the small states of Europe are meeting in the framework of the biennial games specially designed for them in a festive and fair play.

It was during a meeting of the European Olympic Committee when representatives of the Small States of Europe suggested the creation of the GSSE. In 1981 decision were made during a conference held in Baden-Baden. Organization, participation rules, regulations ... The foundations are laid and in 1984 the birth of the Games for Small States of Europe is carried out in conjunction with the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Held every two years, the GSSE are developed in accordance with the rules of the Olympic Charter and of international federations.

Tous les pays d’Europe, membres du Comité Olympique Européen et comptant moins d’un million d’habitants sont concernés. À l’époque, huit pays répondent à ces critères. Il s’agit de l’Islande, l’Andorre, Chypre, le Liechtenstein, le Luxembourg, Malte, Monaco et Saint-Marin, dont la capitale a accueilli les premiers JPEE en 1985. En 2009, un neuvième état est venu rejoindre la liste des pays participants: le Monténégro. Chacun des états en compétition a ainsi déjà organisé au moins une fois les JPEE. Pour 2013, comme en 1995 déjà, c’est le Luxembourg qui a réussi à se voir attribué l’organisation des Jeux.

Every country in Europe, member of the European Olympic Committee, and with less than one million inhabitants is welcome. At the time, these eight countries met these criteria Iceland, Andorra, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco and San Marino, whose capital hosted the first GSSE in 1985. In 2009, the ninth state to join the list of participating countries was Montenegro. Each of the states in competition has already held at least once the GSSE. In 2013 and for the second time since 1995 in Luxembourg who managed to be awarded the Games.

Historique des précédentes éditions

1985 San Marino
1987 Monaco
1989 Cyprus
1991 Andorra
1993 Malta
1995 Luxembourg
1997 Iceland
1999 Liechtenstein
2001 San Marino
2003 Malta
2005 Andorra
2007 Monaco
2009 Cyprus
2011 Liechtenstein